How to use Foonsle

How to use Foonsle

Foonsle is the simplest way to search for the content you enjoy. It works just like Google, your favorite browser.

You need to enter the term that best sums up what you like or the creator’s name from OnlyFans that you love, and we will suggest the best match accounts. Also, you can enter the location to search for creators from a specific area. 

Some of the search examples:

  • milf
  • foot fetish
  • United States
  • chubby
  • Bryce Adams

Another way to search for content that you will enjoy the most is by using our advanced filters. When you open Foonsle, you can filter creators based on the following:

  • Gender (Male, Female or Trans)
  • Price (Free, 5-1 USD, 10-5 USD, 10+ USD)
  • Most photos (creators with biggest number of photos) 
  • Most videos (creators with biggest number of videos)
  • Most likes (creators with biggest number of likes)
  • Most subs (creators with biggest number of subscribers)

Just type what you like and enjoy endless content!